Energy Saving Fume Cupboards

Low Volume Fume Cupboards

Low Volume fume cupboards are carefully designed to achieve good containment levels whilst operating at lower face velocity, typically 0.3 m/s. This leads to a 40% energy saving in the costs of heating/cooling replacement air. A further benefit is reduced capital costs as smaller extract ducts and fan sizes may be installed.

Variable Air Volume Fume Cupboards

Variable Air Volume (VAV) fume cupboards monitor the position of the sash and automatically reduce the volume of air extracted when the sash is in the lowered position. VAV systems can achieve energy savings of up to 75% but there is an increased capital outlay required for the control systems.

Retrofit VAV to existing Fume Cupboards

Significant energy savings can be made by upgrading existing constant air volume fume cupboards to Variable Air Volume (VAV). The upgrades comprise a VAV Alarm/Control panel, sash position sensor, and motorised dampers within the extract ductwork.