Fume Cupboard Testing and Maintenance

Clean Air offers both the standard annual face velocity based fume cupboard testing, and the more advanced inner-plane containment test. In both cases this is carried out by our own test engineers.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations 1988 require that all measures provided for the control of exposure to substances hazardous to health are maintained in an efficient state, in an efficient working order and in good repair. The regulations require the thorough examination and testing of local exhaust systems at least every 14 months, and that records are kept for a minimum of 5 years.

Operator safety is our utmost priority and listed below are examples of the checks that are carried out during our maintenance visit to ensure that each Fume Cupboard, fume extract system and fan are completely fit for purpose and comply with BS7258 and BS EN14175.

• Airflow readings carried out using a rotating vane anemometer.
• Inspection of the sash and mechanism.
• Inspection of the extract fan (assuming safe access provided).
• Inspection of the fume extraction systems for cracks (ground level only unless safe access provided).
• Inspection of the cupboard services including airflow alarm systems and mechanical services.
• Inspection of the internal chamber seals and re-application of silicone sealant if required to ensure a sealed chamber.
• Inspection of the worktop for cracks/leaks.
• Inspection of the lining materials for cracks/damage.
• Re-testing of airflow and adjustment of dampers if required.
• A certificate/report is issued for each Fume Cupboard detailing the results obtained.
• Repair of minor faults/adjustment will be undertaken if possible.

Clean Air Testing Facility
Clean Air has an in-house test facility which was upgraded in 2015 and exceeds the criteria specified in BS EN14175. We also have our own infrared spectrophotometer gas analyser for measuring any escape of the SF6 tracer gas, at parts per billion levels. This is combined with a fully automated Robustness of Containment test apparatus to accurately perform the standard tests.

The facility can accommodate multi-Fume Cupboard installations and lab furniture to replicate real life laboratory conditions. In addition the test facility is designed with a full extract and replacement air system as well as being equipped with the latest control and monitoring technology.

Clients are welcome to visit our facility to see their units undergoing the testing programme as part of a factory tour.  
  • Clean Air Fume Cupboard Test Room

    Clean Air Fume Cupboard Test Room

  • On-site Fume Cupboard Containment Testing

    On-site Fume Cupboard Containment Testing

  • Fume Cupboard Type Testing to EN14175

    Fume Cupboard Type Testing to EN14175