APEX-2 Fume Cupboards

The APEX-2 fume cupboard design offers maximum working space, low energy usage, and excellent containment.

The single skin chamber provides a much wider worktop than a traditional twin skin design. For example an 1800mm wide APEX-2 has a wider internal chamber than a 2000mm wide traditional fume cupboard. The APEX-2 fume cupboard also has a generous working height and depth.

The Radius Profile frontal design provides a smooth curved entrance to the fume cupboard which gives excellent levels of containment. This allows the cupboard to be operated at low volume flow rates down to 0.3m/s.

Performance and Safety
Certified to BS EN 14175. Exceeds proposed UK Band 1 recommended values (research grade fume cupboards) recommended values at 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, and 0.5m/s face velocities. The key Robustness of Containment Protection Factor (PFR) reading is 1,500,000 for an 1800mm wide version at 0.3m/s face velocity

Standard Features
• Variable air volume and constant air volume versions are available
• Carcass constructed from polyester coated zintec steel, 13mm thick Trespa and toughened glass
• Internal baffles from 6mm Trespa solid grade laminate
• Flush membrane control panel with digital airflow display
• Visual and audible low airflow alarm
• BROEN water and gas services
• 8 Power sockets as standard
• Electrics pre wired to 8 way consumer unit complete with built-in MCB’s
• LED flat panel lighting
• Cast epoxy worktop with raised edges all round
• 316-grade stainless steel hinged lower aerofoil for cable entry
• Removable upper service panel for periodic maintenance and inspection
• State of the art appearance and a choice of colours
• 316-grade stainless steel tissue guards to prevent debris being drawn into the extract ductwork
• Polyester coated steel storage cupboards (lockable), vented to extract system, lockable castors

Optional Features
• Framed sash with horizontal sliding glass panels
• Ceramic, Trespa Toplab PLUS, stainless steel or polypropylene worktop (instead of cast epoxy)
• Automatic fire suppression system, dry powder or CO2
• Polypropylene storage cupboards (instead of steel cupboards)
• Trespa, stainless steel or polypropylene side panels (instead of glass)
• Pass through ports in side panels
• Automatic sash closure with PIR presence sensor
• Extra deep version available (1100mm deep instead of standard 900mm deep)
• High Heat Load version available

Standard Widths: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2400, 3000mm, Standard Depths 900, 1100mm
  • Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

    Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

  • Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

    Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

  • Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard with Metal Under bench cupboards

    Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

  • Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard - internal view of service column

    Internal view of service column

  • 3m wide and 1.1m deep APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

    3m wide and 1.1m deep APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

  • Clean Air APEX-2 Fume Cupboard

    View through glass sides showing bank of 4 fume cupboards