Free 5-year warranty available with new Clean Air school fume cupboards

Now you can benefit from five years’ hassle-free care for your fume cupboards. Clean Air is extending the 12-month warranty that accompanies its extensive Education range of school fume cupboards. A free five-year warranty will be available with every five year service package taken out on a new Clean Air school fume cupboard*.

Every model in the Clean Air range of fume cupboards for schools already comes with a free 12-month warranty. Now, taking out the five year Platinum service package when your new school fume cupboard is commissioned locks in prices and extends the warranty for free.

Not only will you have the peace of mind that there will be no surprise service price rises during the five year period, you can also enjoy the assurance of protection that Clean Air’s expert engineers servicing your fume cupboards brings. We’ll even schedule your annual service for you to ensure your fume cupboards never over-run their testing date.

CLEAPSS produces guidance for the service and maintenance of school fume cupboards. It recommends a series of visual and system tests, all of which are included in our testing regime. Our DBS-checked engineers will service your fume cupboard to CLEAPSS G9 guidelines.

Fume cupboards are subject to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 2002 regulations. In a laboratory, fume cupboards remove dangerous and toxic fumes, gases and dusts. Their extract fans are a type of local exhaust ventilation (LEV) which under the COSHH Regulations must be thoroughly examined and tested at least every 14 months. Our annual visit will ensure compliance with these regulations too.

Clean Air’s Platinum Package offers the reassurance that for the next five years not only will Clean Air arrange and conduct your annual service ensuring compliance with COSHH regulations, there will be no price hikes during this period.

The Gold Package offers a fully comprehensive annual maintenance check on the new fume cupboard(s) for three years at a fixed price.

All Clean Air’s fume cupboards fully comply with CLEAPPS Guide G9 Fume Cupboards in Schools, are BREEAM compliant and have been tested to BS EN 14175-3:2003. Our range of service packages for schools is designed to keep students, teachers and lab technicians safe and protected. Contact us to find out more about our extended 5 year warranty and our service package choices.

*Click here for the free five-year warranty extension terms and conditions.

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