Clean Air’s premium fume cupboards selected to protect research scientists

KalVista Pharmaceuticals specialises in the research and development of new treatments for diseases with significant unmet need. Its new, purpose-built laboratories are housed in its UK facility in Salisbury. Eleven cutting-edge Clean Air APEX 2 fume cupboards and a linked combined fume extract system are ensuring its researchers are kept safe and protected while they work.

The brief

KalVista was installing new research laboratories. These labs needed to provide a safe and light environment for its research and development teams. With a pipeline of projects under development, the organisation was looking for a fume cupboard solution to provide excellent levels of containment whilst contributing to the team’s well-being and performance.

Environmentally friendly, energy efficient technology to reduce costs and cut emissions was a must as well as a failsafe design for business continuity and quiet operation.

No problem…

The Clean Air solution

A light, generous working area

Clean Air recommended its premium APEX 2 fume cupboard. Its toughened glass sides bring more light into the internal chamber which makes it a popular choice with the staff who use it. Due to the single skin sides the 1800 mm-wide model has a generous 265 mm extra internal width, adding to the feeling of spaciousness. This exceeds the internal working width of a traditional 2 m fume cupboard.

For those fume cupboards housing special equipment Clean Air recommended the extra deep model, giving 200 mm more depth within the internal chamber compared to the standard depth. The remarkably large working level within each of these fume cupboards is almost 1.5 m2.

Clean Air also built in gas pressure regulators that will control the gas to a level where even gas droplets are available when required.


Every APEX 2 was supplied with a red epoxy safety line in the chamber to remind staff of the limits of the safe operating area. They incorporate fire-rated and ventilated chemical storage cupboards and a CO2 automatic fire suppression system.

The APEX 2 compact integrated control panel features a colour display for automatic airflow monitoring assurance and audible and visible alarms to alert staff if airflow is insufficient.

Energy efficiency

Clean Air’s VAV energy saving technology controls air flow while maintaining safe containment. To maximise the benefits the fume cupboards were also fitted with a combined auto sash controller to monitor the position of the sash and automatically close it when not in use. These in combination can achieve energy savings of up to 75% reducing running costs dramatically. The system can also contribute to a building’s BREEAM rating.

Fume extract system assurance

Clean Air has designed a combined fume extract system culminating in a 900 mm diameter bespoke fabricated duct, GRP-coated for added strength. This larger, tailor-made ducting allows the duct velocity to be kept at or below 6 m/s. This meets the recommendations of BS EN 14175 – 5 and minimises noise for operator comfort.

A duty standby twin-motored fan shares the task of removing fume-laden air at 4 m3/s. It alternates the motors daily for equal wear and will automatically swap motors should one ever fail. This provides KalVista with full assurance that its fume cupboards will never be inoperable should a fan motor break down.

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APEX fume cupboards for KalVista's bright new lab
APEX fume cupboard internal view through glass sides
APEX fume cupboards for a light working space
APEX fume cupboard with glass sides and generous work space
APEX fume cupboard commissioning to assure containment
Fan and ductwork system for APEX fume cupboards

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