More Clean Air Fume Cupboards for The Henry Royce Institute HQ

Clean Air is supplying six more high performance fume cupboards to The Henry Royce Institute Hub Building at The University of Manchester. Its expert engineers will also undertake significant fume cupboard relocation, installation and commissioning work as the final floor of The Hub becomes operational.

Clean air has already supplied over 100 fume cupboards and ventilated enclosures for new Henry Royce Institute facilities. 63 of these units were at the Institute’s Hub Building, the headquarters of the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials.  The energy-efficient High Performance Radius Profile units have proven so effective, another six walk-in fume cupboards have been ordered.

We love repeat business. It says that, in addition to keeping operators safe and protected, our products and services are meeting – and exceeding – our clients’ expectations. Find out more about the first set of Hub Building fume cupboards here.

Phase 1, High Performance Fume Cupboards for The Royce

In 2021, Clean Air manufactured 61 Clean Air VAV High Performance Radius Profile fume cupboards and two walk-in enclosures for the Hub Building.

All these units have Variable Air Volume (VAV) energy saving technology, which can save up to 70% on laboratory energy costs. These advanced fume cupboards have contributed to the Hub Building’s BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’. In addition, the reduced energy costs mean a shorter, more attractive payback period for the units with no compromise on performance.

More Walk-In Fume Cupboards

These energy-efficient units have proven so effective, another six VAV walk-in fume cupboards have been ordered.

The large High Performance Radius Profile walk-in units are all custom sizes. Each one was designed to meet the needs of the discipline where it will be put to work. They range from 1.8 m to 2.5 m wide, and have depths of up to 1.25 m.

Furthermore, Clean Air is supplying four stainless steel canopy hoods and extracts.

Clean Air Installation Services

The company’s specialist engineers will be kept busy at the Hub Building. They will relocate several fume cupboards from different floors. They will also install and commission units which were in storage, and install and commission the latest order.

VacuuBrand Retrofit

Clean Air has reprised its collaboration with world-leading vacuum pump manufacturers VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG. To meet the Institute’s evolving needs, 23 high performance fume cupboards will be retro-fitted with a Vacuubrand touch screen vacuum system.

In a world-wide first, this innovative solution was installed on Clean Air fume cupboards at the new Regius Chair laboratories at the University of Liverpool. It consists of three integrated vacuum networks. These networks combine filtration, controlled evaporation, and high vacuum distillation, including secondary drying.

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