Super-sized walk-in fume cupboards for the pharma industry

Two extra-large stainless-steel walk-in fume cupboards have been dispatched from Clean Air’s Bolton factory bound for the States. The advanced specification units have been specially designed for Howorth Air Technology.

The brief

Two super-sized stainless-steel walk-in fume cupboards were required to form an integral part of a Howorth USA pharmaceutical project. Fume cupboard specialist Clean Air was called in to design and manufacture them to an exacting specification for a HPAPI (Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) installation.

The Clean Air solution

As with every Clean Air fume cupboard, these are designed to meet the stringent containment requirements of BS EN 14175. The giant units measure an impressive 2.4 m wide by 1.5 m deep by 3.6 m high to accommodate the apparatus used in the pharmaceutical application. To ensure the end user’s high standard of clean room conditions is maintained, they are fabricated internally and externally from 316 grade polished stainless-steel.

As a safeguard for the operating personnel Clean Air recommended a combination of horizontal and vertical sliding sashes. This feature offers simple and safe access with the added benefit of energy cost savings.

Each fume cupboard has three vertically rising sashes, the middle one also has horizontally sliding windows. This system keeps any gases and fumes contained, offers ease of access to the operator and minimises the volume of conditioned air the unit pulls through from the lab.

The top two sashes are fitted on a linked pulley system to allow both to rise quickly and smoothly. The middle sash is designed to rise twice as fast as the top one, so both arrive at their final position simultaneously. Equipment can be simply and safely manoeuvred into or out of the units.

Clean Air has also designed and manufactured a specialist flooring arrangement. The base of the fume cupboards is a stainless-steel sump that will be sunk flush with the floor and fitted with mesh lift out floor panels. The sump will accommodate any spillage, keeping it safe and contained.

Howorth is a specialist supplier of air technology solutions, serving the global medical, pharmaceutical and wider industrial markets. The Clean Air fume cupboards are designed to link with Howorth isolators to deliver a bespoke solution for the client.

For more information about Clean Air’s bespoke design options contact our friendly team.

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