Is a fume cupboard expensive to run?

A fume cupboard is expensive to run. This is because fume cupboards are highly energy-intensive. One unit can consume more energy than three homes per year.

This is not due to the fume cupboard’s own running costs, which are minimal. It is calculated on the energy required to replace the fresh, conditioned air continuously pulled through the fume cupboard and discharged outside.

Integrating Variable Air Volume (VAV) controls can reduce energy costs by approximately 70%. VAV reduces the volume of air pulled through the fume cupboard. When combined with an auto sash controller (which automatically closes the sash when not in use) the savings are even greater. VAV controls can be retro-fitted to most fume cupboard units.

A simple way to reduce a fume cupboard’s energy consumption is to turn the unit off when not in use, if possible.

For more information on how to reduce the running costs of a fume cupboard, talk to Clean Air’s friendly team.