Is it safe to store chemicals in a fume cupboard?

It is not safe to store chemicals in a fume cupboard. A fume cupboard is not designed to store chemicals, so it is best practice to only keep chemicals in the unit while they are in use. Fume cupboards rely on airflow to protect operators from harmful fumes. Items, including chemicals, stored in the unit can interfere with this airflow, reducing the efficiency of the unit.

In addition, in the unlikely event of an electrical malfunction in the fume cupboard, flammable or reactive chemicals could cause hazardous reactions.

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In addition, you should check that the chemicals you intend to work with are suitable for use in your fume cupboard. There are several factors that will affect safe chemical usage in a fume cupboard, for example, airflow and the materials used to manufacture the fume cupboard’s internal chamber walls.

If you are unsure which chemicals are safe to use in your fume cupboard, check the unit’s Operation & Maintenance manual. If the substances you wish to use are not listed here, check with the manufacturer.