What is a fume cupboard Docking Station? 

A fume cupboard docking station is a compact, lockable housing for mains supplies. It provides a mobile fume cupboard with safe and secure access to services such as water, gas, drainage and power. Quick-release connections on the service hoses allow the fume cupboard to be relocated.

The docking station can be locked when not in use and can be either panel mounted –mounted on a workstation or lab bench – or wall mounted.

Both versions are typically fitted with self-closing quick release male couplings for gas and water and a 240 volt 13 amp switched socket outlet.

Panel mounted versions generally also include a spigot for connecting the waste pipeline. The wall mounted version does not include the spigot, so waste should be connected directly to the mains waste pipe.

Mobile and semi-mobile fume cupboards are fitted with a restraining cable. This must be connected to the restraining anchor on the Docking Station before use. This prevents the service hoses from being pulled free if the unit is moved during use.

Always check whether the connection of the docking station to services is included when you purchase a mobile or semi-mobile fume cupboard.

Clean Air has a range of mobile fume cupboards and semi-mobile fume cupboards to meet education and commercial needs. Typically, our installation engineers will ensure the docking station is connected to services when the fume cupboard is delivered – ask us for details.