What is a walk-in fume cupboard?

A walk-in fume cupboard (sometimes called a walk-in fume cabinet or walk-in fume hood) is a fume cupboard which features a full height sliding sash arrangement that extends from the floor of the unit to eye-level. This facilitates the installation and removal of large apparatus and equipment for experiments, processes and scale-up.

Walk-in fume cupboards can have all the features of a standard fume cupboard. They can include a removable working level for extra flexibility. They can also have particular drainage or spillage containment features in the base. For example, Clean Air has supplied walk-ins with precision weigh scales in bespoke stainless steel bases for a manufacturer of nanotechnology quantum dots – find out more.

Call Clean Air today to find out more about our wide selection of standard and bespoke walk-in fume cupboards. They feature in cutting-edge research laboratories, including the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre and several Henry Royce Institute facilities across the UK.

It is important to note the difference between a walk-in fume cupboard and a ventilated enclosure.

A ventilated enclosure is an enclosure with an extract system designed to meet the needs of the process being undertaken inside. It can be manufactured to differing designs – bench mounted or floor mounted – and can have openings on all sides as required. It can be fitted with vertical rising windows, horizontal sliding windows/doors, bifold doors or lift up flap-style arrangements.

A ventilated enclosure is normally sized to extract a given volume of air, for example 100 ACH (Air Changes per hour). It does not generally provide containment when the doors or windows are open, only when they are closed.

Clean Air’s ventilated enclosures can be manufactured to suit specific applications and projects. Just speak to our friendly team.