What is face velocity?

Face Velocity is the measurement of the speed at which air enters a fume cupboard through the sash opening.

If the face velocity is too high, air turbulence will occur between the sash and the operator.

If it is too low, the fume cupboard will not be effectively removing toxic fumes, vapours, gases and aerosols, etc.

It is one of the many tests required at least every 14 months to ensure the fume cupboard is safe and complies with COSHH regulations. For fume cupboard service and maintenance enquiries, speak to Clean Air’s maintenance department.

Different uses and conditions will determine the optimal face velocity for a given application. For example, Low Volume fume cupboards are designed to contain fumes effectively at face velocities as low as 0.3 m/s. When purchasing a fume cupboard, always check with your supplier that the unit will be commissioned to operate at the appropriate levels.

Clean Air’s friendly team of fume cupboard specialists will work with you to identify the best fume cupboard and safest operational values for your application. Call us today!