Another 8 fume cupboards for Johnson Matthey

Clean Air has supplied eight more advanced technology APEX 2 fume cupboards to Johnson Matthey, the global science and chemicals company.

The tough, 1500 mm units have been installed and commissioned at Johnson Matthey’s Technology Centre in Reading, UK. Here they join a raft of Clean Air fume cupboards, including specialist APEX units modified to work with high heat loads.

The APEX-2 model has a single skin chamber which can accommodate a much wider worktop than a conventional twin skin design. For example, an 1800 mm wide APEX-2 has a wider internal chamber than a 2000 mm wide traditional fume cupboard. It also has a generous working height and depth. Combined with the glass sides, it makes the internal chamber a light and airy work-space.

The units provide excellent containment, and can operate at low volume flow rates down to 0.3 m/s.

Clean Air fume cupboards have proved themselves to be a robust and reliable addition to Johnson Matthey’s laboratories. In addition to the units in UK sites, Clean Air has also manufactured and installed fume cupboards and fume scrubbers for Johnson Matthey facilities in Poland and Lithuania.

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