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Clean Air offers an extensive range of ductwork and ventilation fittings to complement our range of corrosion-resistant extract fans for fume cupboards. All pipework is manufactured to meet BESA DW/154 Specification for Plastics Ductwork which is the widely accepted specification for PVC and PP-S (polypropylene) ducting.

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Ductwork Installation

Clean Air’s expert team will guide you to the ductwork and ventilation system that best suits your needs.

Our PVC & PP-s fittings are manufactured in our Manchester factory by our time-served craftsmen. We use blow and injection moulding techniques. This ensures a smooth internal bore in the ventilation ducting which results in minimal air turbulence.

All Clean Air’s PVC and PP-s materials are ideally suited for safely conveying aggressive media in chemically corrosive environments. We have successfully installed our extract systems in pharmaceutical, life sciences, laboratories, chemical processing, and waste water treatment settings.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Options

Where ducting is required in larger sizes, it can be externally reinforced with a GRP laminate by our experienced in-house team. The GRP laminate provides UV protection, increased strength and a shatterproof layer to fan casings and ductwork systems.

We can colour pigment the GRP laminate to any available RAL colour. This is useful for clients who wish to colour match fans and ductwork to brickwork on older and listed buildings.

White pigment is popular for systems which are installed in hot countries as the white pigment reflects the heat.

The Clean Air team at Leeds ICEPS

The ductwork installation at The University of Liverpool, Regius Chair Laboratory

Bespoke Fabricated Ductwork

With our wide range of equipment and team of highly skilled plastic fabricators, we have the manufacturing capabilities to produce bespoke fabricated ductwork to your specification.

Circular duct diameters are available up to Ø3m. Rectangular ductwork can also be fabricated and tailored to suit your dimensional requirements. We make ductwork routes including radius bends, transformation sections etc. in line with widely accepted specifications such as BESA DW/154.

Main HEPA Filter

Clean Air offers external HEPA filtration units for ducted units which require added assurance when dealing with the removal of particulates.

The type of HEPA filter provided is dictated by the particle size to be removed, and the stated particle filtration efficiency would range from 95% to 99.99999%.

As a HEPA filter becomes ‘dirty’ it increases the resistance through the extract system which in turn reduces the airflow through the fume cupboard. This will result in an airflow alarm.

To overcome this, a filter compensation system can be installed, which will simulate ‘dirty’ condition from clean and adjust accordingly as required.

Check out the HEPA filter system designed, installed and commissioned by Clean Air for the fume cupboard units at the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre.

Main HEPA Filter

Filter Housing

Standalone filter housings tend to be a permanent fixture within the extract system to allow the removal and replacement of pre and main carbon/HEPA filters.

Safe change filter housings can also be supplied, allowing filter bagging during removal if required.

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