32 High-Performance Radius Profile Fume Cupboards For NI

The Clean Air team has returned from The Almac Group’s Craigavon site in Northern Ireland after fitting 32 large High-Performance Radius Profile fume cupboards.

The global drug development company now has 49 Clean Air units and 2 of our canopy hoods across sites in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

The latest project has seen twenty-six 1800 mm wide bench mounted Radius Profile fume cupboards and six 1800 mm wide walk-in fume cupboards fitted.

Initially the installation was curtailed by the first lockdown. On their return, our site engineers worked through weekends and a bank holiday. They completed the installation over a gruelling 12 days. Due to their efforts the main contractor was able to maintain the new project schedule.

Why choose Radius Profile Fume Cupboards?

The Radius Profile range of fume cupboards is ideal for projects needing significant quantities of mechanical and electrical services.

Its design is proven to eliminate air eddies in the internal chamber.

Independent testing has confirmed these units offer the highest level of containment currently claimed by any fume cupboard manufacturer. The High-Performance Radius Profile has a Robustness of Containment Protection Factor (PFR) of >4,500,000 for all widths at 0.5 m/s face velocity. This level of containment is designed to meet the requirements of safety-critical research and development activities.

The walk-in fume cupboards have a horizontal and vertical arrangement upper sash. This gives manual access while still providing protection for the face. The units also feature removable working levels for extra flexibility of use.

Of the 49 fume cupboards delivered to Almac so far, the widths have ranged between 1500 mm to 2100 mm. They are proving perfect for the range of integrated services Almac provides to the global pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

Clean Air’s engineers will return to Craigavon to commission the units later in the year.


Just over three months later our engineers have completed the commissioning of the units. This was done to schedule, as per the main contractor. See the finished installation in the images.

Safety First

At Clean Air we have updated our Risk Assessments and developed a Safe Operating Procedure to keep our engineers and those they work with and around safe.

We take care when arranging travel and accommodation for them, keeping safety at the forefront when we make their bookings. Find out more about our response to the Coronavirus pandemic here.

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