Inverter control now standard on school fume cupboards

Clean Air’s ranges of fixed ducted school fume cupboards now include an integrated inverter for lower energy use and lower extract duct noise. 

The inverter controls the fan speed to ensure the fan runs at the optimum speed with no need for a damper within the extract system. The inverter is built into the top of the fume cupboard allowing easy access for adjustment during commissioning.

Converting the 240V single phase power supply to a 3 phase output, the inverter allows the use of a fan with a 3 phase motor. These are considered to be more reliable and generate less noise.

Ducted fume cupboards with the built-in inverter are now available from stock. All Clean Air’s fume cupboards are manufactured in our factory in Bolton, Greater Manchester, so if you prefer your unit without the inverter we can easily accommodate this.

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School 1m Fixed Ducted Fume Cupboard, Integrated inverter

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