Manchester Metropolitan University orders more Clean Air fume cupboards

Yet another university has placed an order from the Clean Air energy-saving, high performance Radius Profile fume cupboard range. Manchester Metropolitan University has chosen this Clean Air unit for its high levels of containment and has included an energy-efficient option.

The prestigious university has ordered 12 high performance radius profile fume cupboards fitted with Variable Air Volume (VAV) controls to minimise the fume cupboard energy consumption. VAV  fume cupboards feature energy saving technology to reduce the volume of air taken from the fume cupboard.  These systems can achieve energy savings of up to 75% compared to standard systems.

The Radius Profile range protects operators with industry-leading levels of containment. Independent testing has confirmed a Robustness of Containment Protection Factor (PFR) of >4,500,000 for all widths at 0.5 m/s face velocity.

All 12 fume cupboards will be supplied with dry powder type automatic fire suppression systems. These quickly and effectively extinguish any fire detected within the fume cupboard chamber.

Clean Air’s Managing Director, Will Perrott, commented: “We supplied and installed 6 fume cupboards at MMU in Autumn 2017, and that was the first time we had supplied this university for many years.

“It’s a testament to the quality of our products and service that MMU has come back to us so soon for more cupboards.”

Contact Clean Air for more information on our energy-saving features.

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