BS EN 14175 Part 7 High Heat Load Testing

Clean Air’s type testing facility is now equipped to offer testing to BS EN 14175-7: 2012 High Heat Load Testing. If your application involves high heat load then please click here to contact us for free advice to make sure you are using the correct fume cupboard.

Clean Air is experienced in testing a variety of fume cupboard designs and ventilated enclosures. In response to increasing demand for high heat load testing at its in-house type-testing facility Clean Air has invested in equipment to ensure its testing fully complies with BS EN 14175. Read our case study about the specialised fume cupboards we designed for Johnson Matthey here.

The British Standard for EN 14175 specifies fume cupboard high heat load testing with 4 KW per linear metre of internal width. Clean Air has designed and commissioned specially manufactured heaters which will continually emit 4 KW heat. These are designed to provide the correct heat load to fully test the various widths of fume cupboards.

4 KW is a very high amount of heat energy. Typically, a 4 KW rated hot plate will only use up to 4 KW whilst heating up. It will absorb and emit much less power as it maintains its temperature. However, to offer full assurance to its clients that their operators are safe and protected, Clean Air can easily generate this amount of heat load for its testing.

Standard fume cupboards cannot be guaranteed as suitable for use with high heat loads unless extensively tested to the requirements of BS EN 14175-7. Clean Air would recommend that a fume cupboard that will be operated with high heat load should have additional construction, safety, operating and maintenance features to those identified in BS EN 14175-1 to BS EN 14175 -6.

Just contact us for any questions you may have regarding these and any other fume cupboards. Our friendly team is always happy to help.

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High heat load fume cupboard, high heat load testing
High heat load fume cupboard testing, high heat load testing, BS EN 14175
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