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Clean Air News

All the latest Clean Air fume cupboard news. Read about projects, innovations and technological advances in fume cupboards and extract systems from the authority in safe, reliable fume cupboard design, manufacture and installation…

25th August 2023

Clean Air Cutting ~9 Tonnes CO2e on Every Fume Cupboard Design Iteration

2nd June 2021

Giant Ventilated Enclosure for GORD in Qatar

20th January 2021

Clean Air Radius Profile Fume Cupboards for Hall Analytical

8th January 2021

Clean Air’s First Completed Project of 2021 at The University of Liverpool’s CEIDR

2nd December 2020

New Fume Cupboard Vacuum Supply Solution

6th November 2020

Another 8 fume cupboards for Johnson Matthey

27th August 2020

Clean Air Fume Cupboards at Imperial College London

10th July 2020

12 more fume cupboards for BioCity Nottingham

19th June 2020

22 APEX 2 Fume Cupboards for University of Liverpool