Energy Saving Technology

Why Use Energy Saving Technology?

When you incorporate our fume cupboard energy saving technology into your lab, you introduce a range of benefits. We can help you to cut your costs and reduce your environmental impact, all without compromise on performance. In addition, our energy-efficient systems can help you to keep your staff safe and enhance their working environment.

Clean Air energy saving systems have helped numerous organisations achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’. We have an on-going R&D programme to continuously improve the energy saving technology in our fume cupboards and extract systems.

Clean Air’s expert team will guide you to the system that best suits your requirements. Just contact us to discuss our energy saving technology options.

Energy Saving Technology for Fume Cupboards

In laboratories featuring fume cupboards the air extracted through the fume cupboard must be replaced. This is typically achieved with heated or cooled outside air. The introduction of low volume and/or VAV fume cupboards not only reduces running costs. Because the volume of air extracted is reduced, it can also stabilise the ambient temperature within the lab. This reduced extraction can in turn result in a noticeable reduction in noise. Combined with the stabilised temperature, the lab becomes a more pleasant working environment.

A further benefit is reduced capital costs as smaller extract ducts and fan sizes may be installed.

Constant Air Volume (CAV) Fume Cupboards

CAV fume cupboards consume air regardless of sash position. Therefore, to reduce energy consumption the fume cupboard must be turned off when not in use.

Low Volume Fume Cupboards

Clean Air Low Volume fume cupboards are carefully designed to achieve good containment levels while operating at lower face velocity, typically 0.3 m/s. This can lead to a 40% energy saving in the costs of heating/cooling replacement air compared to a traditional 0.5 m/s face velocity fume cupboard.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Fume Cupboards

VAV fume cupboards feature energy saving technology to reduce the volume of air taken from the fume cupboard. With VAV control, the amount of airflow through the space is varied to suit flow demand or to maintain environmental conditions. Therefore, as the fume cupboard sash is moved, the controls will adjust and vary the position of a damper to control the face velocity.

Clean Air recommends VAV fume cupboards are fitted with an auto sash controller to maximise the benefits of VAV technology. The controller monitors the position of the sash and automatically closes it when not in use.

While there is an increased capital outlay for both systems, the two controls in combination will reduce energy costs dramatically. VAV and auto sash fume cupboards can achieve energy savings of up to 75% or greater.


Typical Potential Energy Savings

Based on 1500 mm wide standard fume cupboard operating with a face velocity of 0.5 m/s, constant volume system



kWh usage



energy cost





Potential savings

per year


Current operating mode








Change to VAV Extract & Supply


31,959 £1,272 7.49 £1,293
Change to VAV Extract & Supply with Auto Sash Closer 21,096 £910 5.3 £1,655

Retro-Fit VAV to Existing Fume Cupboards

Significant energy savings can be made by upgrading existing CAV fume cupboards to VAV.

Clean Air’s fast, efficient service engineers can retro-fit a VAV alarm / control panel, sash position sensor and motorised dampers on site to virtually any make and model of CAV fume cupboard. Consequently, it is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly without the need to replace existing units.

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