Centrifugal Fans

Clean Air’s high-quality, competitively priced plastic centrifugal fan ranges complement our comprehensive selection of fume cupboards. Manufactured from polypropylene and/or PVC, the fans are designed to resist the widest range of corrosive chemical fumes at temperatures up to 40°C.

The systems are fabricated in our Manchester-based factory by a highly skilled team of plastic fabricators and CNC machine operatives, and are individually engineered for optimum efficiency, reduced noise levels and energy conservation. 

Clean Air Centrifugal Fan Ranges

The centrifugal fan ranges are available in a choice of rotation and discharge angles and include bifurcated inline fans. Our plastic centrifugal fans are capable of handling air volumes up to 25 m³/s and pressures up to 2200 Pa.

With seven different ranges and up to 13 different sizes, we can supply the appropriate plastic extract fan for most applications. Talk to us for laboratory fume cupboard ventilation; chemical store extract; safety cabinet extraction; industrial washers; industrial fume scrubbers; odour filtration; explosive gas ventilation; and chemical fume hoods.

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• Energy saving Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems available with automatic motorised dampers
• Attenuation to suit varied noise criteria
• 316-grade stainless steel fire dampers with access panel
• Intumescent fire collars / crush collars
• A variety of construction materials to suit client specification – eg. PVC, Polypropylene, GRP reinforcement
• Fan units supplied in a variety of designs and materials with three-phase or single-phase motors. Available with inverter drives, direct, indirect and with forward or backward curved impellers
• Scrubbing systems to remove harmful fumes and corrosives
• Low velocity systems to reduce sizes of plant, ductwork and capital costs

Performance and Safety

Fully compliant with BS EN 14175, DW151 and DW154. Our design engineers are qualified to carry out site surveys and ascertain the most suitable route prior to issuing computer aided design (CAD) layouts for client approval/planning permission.

Centrifugal Fan Commissioning

A thorough commissioning package is available with visual demonstrations of all equipment upon completion.

For more detailed information on our individual fan ranges, contact us here.

Plastic forward curved multivane centrifugal fans for light duty applications
Plastic centrifugal fan rooftop installation
Plastic centrifugal fan installation, fans with energy saving bleed dampers

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