Recirculation Filtration Fume Cupboards

Filter Your Way to Safety with Clean Air

Clean Air recirculation filtration fume cupboards are designed to provide operator and environmental protection from contaminating fumes and particles through the use of filtration systems. Our range of recirculation filtration fume cupboards is popular in older and listed buildings where the installation of externally vented extract systems can be problematic and in environments where a moveable fume cupboard is required.

Filtration systems can be integrated into the full range of Clean Air fume cupboards to provide either a recirculatory unit with built in filter system and associated fan unit, or a ducted filtration unit with in-line filter housings and associated extract system that discharges to atmosphere.

With a wealth of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of fume cupboards, Clean Air’s team of technical engineers will advise on suitable systems for each application. Contact us for more information.

Keeping You Safe – Service & Maintenance

We provide full service and maintenance packages for our fume cupboards, and for most other makes and models of fume cupboard.

During our fume cupboard servicing visit highly trained, DBS-checked test engineers ensure that each fume cupboard, fume extract system and fan is completely fit for purpose and complies with BS EN 14175. Contact us for details.

Recirculation Filtration Fume Cupboards – Filter Types

Particulate Pre-Filters

Provided before the main filter to remove larger particulates such as airborne dust from the airstream to protect and extend the lifespan of the main filter. Manufactured from pleated media or fibreglass to suit the application required.

Pre-filters should be changed on a regular basis depending on the level of use which ordinarily would be between 3 months and 6 months – actual timescales would be realised based on regular monitoring over time.

Main Carbon Filter

Provided for odour and gas removal. The type of carbon used depends on the contaminants to be removed. Dedicated carbons can be provided for specific chemicals and processes or blended carbons can be provided for a range of contaminants known to be used.

Carbon filters may have a lifespan up to 5 years, but the actual lifespan will depend on the type and volume of contaminants it is required to remove.

Regular monitoring will provide a more accurate timescale of lifespan from which a regime of replacement can be adopted to suit. Through experience we see our clients adopting a regime of replacement anywhere between 12 months and 36 months.

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Clean Air’s expert team of technical engineers will advise on suitable systems for each application. Contact us for more information.

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