School Fixed Ducted Fume Cupboard

The Clean Air education range of school fume cupboards combines safety and robust design with a competitive price. We offer a fume cupboard solution for schools and colleges which includes the fume cupboard, extract system and extract fan. With the School Fixed Ducted fume cupboard the interconnecting wiring from the fume cupboard to the extract fan is included and installed at the same time as the ductwork.

These fume cupboards can also be supplied as bench mounted units and can be colour matched to school or corporate colours. Optional matching cosmetic infill panels from the top of the unit to the ceiling are available to shroud the ducting. Clean Air’s expert team will guide you to the school fume cupboard that best suits your requirements – just contact us to discuss our range.

School Fixed Ducted Fume Cupboard Performance and Safety

  • Independently tested to CLEAPSS G9, SSERC and BS EN 14175
  • All the safety features and performance of an industrial design fume cupboard

All these features as standard

  • Airflow control panel with visual and audible low airflow alarm
  • Aerodynamic finger grip and profiled baffles for excellent levels of fume containment
  • Airflow of 0.4 m/s. Sash lock height of 400 mm (Airflow can be increased to 0.5 m/s upon request)
  • Polyester coated steel lockable storage cupboard
  • Full height toughened glass sides and sliding sash
  • Polypropylene circular drip cup
  • Double switched socket outlet
  • Externally located cold water and gas valves
  • Extract Fan and Light On/Off switches with indicators
  • Dished seamless high-quality GRP worktop 1000 mm and 1200 mm widths
  • Trespa Toplab worktop 1500 mm and 1800 mm widths
  • Sash stop at 400 mm
  • 16 swg Zintec polyester powder coated construction, white textured finish (RAL 9003)

School Fixed Ducted Fume Cupboard Dimensions

  • Standard widths – 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm
  • Depth – 750 mm, Height – 2075 mm, Clearance height for sash – 2375 mm, Duct connection – 2165 mm

Keeping you safe – Service & Maintenance

We provide full service and maintenance packages for our fume cupboards, and for most other makes and models of fume cupboard.

During our fume cupboard servicing visit highly trained, DBS-checked test engineers ensure that each fume cupboard, fume extract system and fan is completely fit for purpose and meets CLEAPPS G9 and BS EN 14175. Contact us for details.

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