School Mobile Fume Cupboard SSR2000

Because the Clean Air SSR2000 Sliding Sash Recirculation school mobile fume cupboard is fully movable its location can be flexible – so you can immediately add fume cupboard capacity to whichever lab requires it. It’s also suited to listed buildings or areas where ductwork is difficult to install.

Engineered to be easy to manoeuvre it passes comfortably through a standard door opening.  Glass panels to all four sides offer a clear view of the internal chamber making it ideal for education settings and demonstrations to students.

School Mobile Fume Cupboard Performance and Safety

The SSR2000 school mobile fume cupboard has been independently tested by CLEAPSS to meet the requirements of CLEAPSS G9. It is also tested to BS EN 14175 and SSERC.

Clean Air’s expert team will guide you to the fume cupboard that best suits your requirements – just contact us and tell us what you need.

All these features as standard

Not all fume cupboards come with everything a Clean Air unit has as standard. Check out exactly what are classed as optional extras before you commit to buy and avoid nasty surprises. The SSR2000 features the following as standard:

  • Toughened glass sides, back and sliding sash for 360° visibility
  • Quick-release connections for fast installation and easy relocation
  • Flush membrane control panel with visual & audible low airflow alarm
  • Excellent containment levels
  • GRP moulded worktop to contain spillages
  • RCD protected double socket
  • Low energy consumption, long life LED flat panel lighting
  • Cold water and gas valves, located outside the chamber for ease of operation
  • Polypropylene circular drip cup, bottle trap and flexible waste hose
  • Flexible service hoses with quick-release connections
  • External carcass constructed from powder coated aluminium
  • Built-in storage cupboard
  • Integral 18 kg carbon filter with protective pre-filter
  • Sash stop device at 400 mm for operator safety
  • Lockable castors
  • 12 months free warranty

Docking Station

The docking station provides the SSR2000 fume cupboard with access to services such as water, gas, drainage and power via quick-release hoses and cables. It can be locked when not in use and can be supplied bench mounted or wall mounted. Docking stations are available as an optional extra.

  • Compact, lockable housing for mains supplies
  • Easy to install
  • Powder coated white textured finish to match the fume cupboard
  • Either a bench mounted or wall mounted model
  • Gas and water quick-release couplings plus electrical socket
  • Bench mounted model includes flexible waste connection
  • Tough 18swg Zintec steel construction
  • Stainless steel restraining cable to safeguard service connections

School mobile fume cupboard dimensions

  • 1000 mm wide x 1950 mm high x 700 mm deep
  • Designed to pass through a standard door opening

Keeping you safe – Service & maintenance

We provide full service and maintenance packages for our fume cupboards and for most other makes and models of fume cupboard.

During our fume cupboard servicing visit highly trained, DBS-checked test engineers ensure that each fume cupboard, fume extract system and fan is completely fit for purpose and complies with CLEAPPS G9 and BS EN 14175. Contact us for details.

An engineer servicing an SSR2000 mobile fume cupboard

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