Clean Air’s fume cupboard testing is designed to exceed the criteria specified in BS EN 14175 . With a unique, cutting-edge in-house type-testing rig our testing regime offers added assurance that our fume cupboards perform to the recommended standard. 

Organisations are increasingly demanding the more advanced inner-plane testing to assure the protection of their staff. We can test any make and model of fume cupboard to BS EN 14175 in our facility in Greater Manchester, or on-site anywhere in the UK. Our experience and integrity ensures you can rely on the validity of our results.

Clients are welcome to visit to observe their fume cupboards undergoing the testing programme as part of a factory tour.


Our state-of-the-art fume cupboard testing equipment includes an infrared spectrophotometer gas analyser to measure any escape of tracer gas at parts per billion levels and our fully automated Robustness of Containment test apparatus accurately performs the required tests. Our facility is equipped with a full extract and replacement air system and the latest control and monitoring technology. It can accommodate multi fume cupboard installations and lab furniture to replicate real life laboratory conditions.

With our tailor-made heaters, designed to deliver a consistent 4KW of heat – typically higher than regular laboratory operating levels – we are the only UK facility that can fully test to BS EN 14175-7: 2012 High Heat Load Testing. In addition, we will test with clients’ own heating apparatus on request.


The testing facility resource enables us to undertake in-house R&D, continuously exploring innovative new technologies to protect your people and keep you safe.


Clean Air fume cupboard type-testing rig fume cupboard testing
Clean Air's in-house testing equipment for fume cupboard type-testing
Type-testing APEX 2 fume cupboard to BS EN 14175
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