Clean Air’s First Completed Project of 2021 at The University of Liverpool’s CEIDR

First Clean Air project completed in 2021 at CEIDR, The University of Liverpool

Clean Air has handed over the first of its projects to reach full completion in 2021. Its site engineers have finished commissioning the large ventilated enclosure and two walk-in fume cupboards designed, manufactured and installed for the University of Liverpool’s CEIDR.

The tough new 2 metre High Performance Radius Profile units have been designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 14175. The 2200 mm x 2350 mm ventilated enclosure will extract 100 air changes per hour.

The units were colour matched to the existing Clean Air fume cupboards in the laboratories, installed in 2015. They are located in the William Henry Duncan Building, which forms part of The University of Liverpool’s Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research (CEIDR).

CEIDR forms an academic health science ethos and aims to establish Liverpool as a world leading centre of excellence for the prevention and treatment of serious, drug resistant and emergent infectious diseases. Its work covers research into COVID-19 and into antimicrobial resistance.

For more information about Clean Air’s fume cupboards and ventilated enclosures, contact our friendly team.

Click here for more information about The University of Liverpool’s Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research.

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