Clean Air’s energy efficient fume cupboard options at UKSPA S-Lab 2019

Clean Air will be exhibiting its APEX fume cupboard range and talking energy efficiency at the UKSPA S-Lab 2019 conference in Birmingham this spring. Between 2-3 April the team will showcase the light, bright APEX unit and will highlight the options on offer to improve fume cupboards’ energy consumption.

Offering excellent containment, options for glass side panels and a generous, well-lit working area the cutting-edge APEX fume cupboard series is proving popular with operators. The range can also be fitted with Variable Air Volume (VAV) technology, improving energy efficiency, cutting costs and reducing environmental impact while keeping staff safe and enhancing their working environment.

Laboratories are estimated to use up to ten times more energy than comparable office spaces. Visitors to the Clean Air stand can find out how significant energy savings can be made by choosing either Low Volume or Variable Air Volume (VAV) fume cupboards and upgrading existing Constant Air Volume (CAV) fume cupboards to VAV.

‘By reducing the volume of air taken from the fume cupboard, Low Volume and VAV technology reduces the amount of cooled or heated air that needs to be replaced in the lab,’ explains Ian Heatherington, Clean Air’s Sales & Technical Director.

‘A Low Volume fume cupboard can reduce the energy needed to condition this replacement air by up to 40%. VAV fume cupboards can be even more energy efficient and when fitted with an auto sash controller energy costs can be cut dramatically. Together these two controls can achieve energy savings of up to 75% compared to a standard CAV unit.’

For clients with a CAV fume cupboard who want to benefit from the potential cost savings that VAV units can deliver, Clean Air can retro-fit VAV systems, sash controls and dampers to virtually any make and model.

‘Visit us at the UKSPA S-Lab 2019 conference – we’re really looking forward to presenting our impressive APEX fume cupboard and helping people make energy efficient choices,’ adds Ian. ‘If you can’t make it, contact us, we’ll be happy to talk you through the options available.’

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