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Semi-Mobile Fume Cupboard

Independently tested by CLEAPSS, Clean Air’s Semi-Mobile Ducted Fume Cupboards combine containment with robust design and a competitive price. This makes them one of the best fume cupboards for the educational market.

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Our semi-mobile ducted fume cupboards has been designed to meet CLEAPSS G9 and BS EN 14175

Semi-Mobile Fume Cupboard Safety, Technical and Design

The Clean Air education range of fume cupboards combines robust design with a competitive price. Tested to CLEAPSS G9 and BS EN 14175, the School Semi-Mobile Ducted Fume Cupboard combines the convenience of a mobile fume cupboard with the assurance of ducted fume removal. The full height toughened glass sides, back and sash make it ideal for demonstrations.

Our educational range of fume cupboards has been designed to meet CLEAPSS G9 and BS EN 14175. They have been type tested to BS EN 14175 with excellent levels of containment.

The Semi-Mobile Ducted Fume Cupboard comes in standard widths – 1000mm and 1200mm.

Clean Air’s stated aim is to lead the fume cupboard industry in sustainability.

Environmentally Responsible

Clean Air’s stated aim is to lead the fume cupboard industry in sustainability.

We have made incredible progress on reducing our carbon footprint. Since we started measuring it in 2017, it has fallen year on year.

We’ve achieved this reduction as our business has grown by over 50% in the same timeframe.

School Semi-Mobile Fume Cupboard Features

All of our Semi-Mobile Ducted Fume Cupboards, come with the following features as standard;

  • Toughened glass sides, back and sliding sash for 360° visibility
  • Quick-release connections for fast installation and easy relocation
  • Flush membrane control panel with visual & audible low airflow alarm
  • Excellent containment levels
  • GRP moulded worktop to contain spillages
  • RCD protected double socket
  • Low energy consumption, long life LED flat panel lighting
  • Cold water and gas valves, located outside the chamber for ease of operation
  • Polypropylene circular drip cup, bottle trap and flexible waste hose
  • Flexible service hoses with quick-release connections
  • External carcass constructed from powder coated mild steel
  • Built-in storage cupboard
  • Sash stop device at 400 mm for operator safety
  • Lockable castors
  • 12 month free warranty
This semi-mobile fume cupboard has a number of benefits as standard including toughened glass sides, back and sliding sash for 360° visibility.

Semi-Mobile Fume Cupboard Service & Maintenance

We provide full service and maintenance packages for our fume cupboards. Your safety and protection is our highest priority. We also service most other makes and models of the fume cupboards.

During our fume cupboard servicing visit highly trained, DBS-checked test engineers ensure that each fume cupboard, fume extract system and fan is completely fit for purpose and complies with CLEAPPS G9 and BS EN 14175. Contact us for details.

Should you have any questions regarding our semi-mobile range or wish to discuss other options, such as our fixed ducted fume cupboards, please contact our team directly on 01204 572 900.

What is a semi-mobile fume cupboard?

A semi-mobile fume cupboard combines the benefits of ducted fume removal with the ability to be moved into position as required. Most semi-mobile units have four glass sides, offering a 360° view of the internal chamber.
In conjunction with a docking station, flexible ductwork allows the fume cupboard to be moved a limited distance from its rigid ductwork connection. This way, demonstrations can be easily viewed, making it an ideal teaching resource. It can be easily stored away when not needed.

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