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6 Commercial Reasons to Be Greener

By Will Perrott

Welcome to Clean Air MD Will Perrott’s Eco Blog

Environmental sustainability is becoming more important for businesses, and I’ve got two very personal reasons to be greener, as you can see from this photo. I want Clean Air to lead the fume cupboard industry in environmental sustainability. However, I’m very clear there’s no point being the greenest company to go bust!

When we were making the business case for an environmental focus we looked at the solid commercial reasons to be greener. The benefits of an environmentally responsible approach have to stack up. Obviously, we want Clean Air to be as ethical and as green as possible. These points reminded us why it’s worth committing the time, resource and energy to fulfil our sustainability agenda. 

1 It’s the right thing to do

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Because climate change is frighteningly real, we all have a responsibility to do what we can. But what if we’re wrong, as some still say we are? Well, the worst thing that’s happened is that we’re a cleaner, smarter organisation.

2 Staff engagement

Sustainability is an agenda everyone can get behind. It strengthens your team when they’re working towards common goals. Plus, it’s a good feeling to know your company is doing the right thing.

3 Funding, grants and advice to be greener

You might be surprised at how much help there is out there. There’s financial support for changes that improve energy-efficiency/reduce energy usage and many other initiatives. There are also several agencies that offer free advice on what’s available and how to take advantage of it. It’s plain good practice to check it out.

4 Cost reductions 

The costs of travel, energy, materials and waste disposal are rising. Reducing mileage and waste, material and energy consumption makes business sense.

5 Winning contracts

Many potential clients have their own sustainability targets and aspirations. Increasingly end-users are specifying suppliers with an environmental focus. If your competitors aren’t already developing sustainability credentials then you’ll have an advantage over them. If they’re doing it and you’re not….catch up!

6 Enhanced reputation

Taking your responsibility seriously can enhance your reputation in your industry, with customers and with your community. Just imagine, more business, easier recruitment, greater media coverage. And all while doing the right thing.

But, a word of caution. Ensure that any claims you make are honest, evidenced and accurate. Greenwashing is putting a corporate spin on practices / products to make them seem greener than they are. If you’re accused of this it could severely damage your company’s reputation.

If you’d like to get in touch and tell me your experience of going green I’d love to hear from you. And if you disagree with any of my points, I’d love to hear that too!

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Will Perrott

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Will Perrott - Managing Director

Will has considerable experience in the laboratory market. He has been MD of a market-leading laboratory furniture design and manufacture company for 20 years, and spent seven years with ELE International, specialising in the sales and marketing of lab equipment and environmental instrumentation

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