High Heat Load Fume Cupboards with fume scrubbers for Poland

The Clean Air team is certainly on the move this year. Our professional team of installation engineers has travelled to Poland to fit seven bespoke APEX 3 High Heat Load fume cupboards, three with rear-mounted fume scrubbers, for an international leader in sustainable technologies.

Clean Air has designed a fume cupboard to safely maintain containment despite the airflow disturbance high heat load can cause. When type-tested the unit exceeded the proposed Band 1 research laboratory requirements of BS EN 14175 Parts 3 and 6 at both ambient temperature and high heat load.

We’ve already manufactured these units for several of our client’s sites in the UK and they’ve performed so effectively we were asked to supply to one of their new-build labs in the EU too. Clean Air supplied a full package of fume cupboards, fume scrubbers and ductwork.

‘When we developed these bespoke high heat load fume cupboards we had the opportunity to test the units with our client’s equipment operating in the chamber,’ says Will Perrott, Managing Director of Clean Air.

‘It gave assurance that their personnel were operating with fume cupboards that would keep them safe in practice, not just in theory. It’s an area we’re keen to explore further, so if there are any projects out there requiring this level of R&D expertise, just let us know.’

Check out the original High Heat Load fume cupboard case study here. For more information on our advanced technology fume cupboards or to discuss a tailored solution to your lab safety challenges, contact us.

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