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Fume Cupboards for Schools

If you’re looking for high-quality, value for money school fume cupboards – all designed to keep students and staff safe and protected – then check out the Clean Air Education range of fume cupboards for schools.

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School Fume Cupboards

Not every school fume cupboard comes with the same features as standard as a Clean Air fume cupboard. Our low-maintenance, long-lasting Education range includes built-in lockable storage cupboard, double electric socket, gas & water service controls, LED light and delivery & installation – all as standard. Ask us how we can save you money…

The School Fume Cupboard Range

Clean Air has a portfolio of school fume cupboards that meets every need. We have mobile recirculation fume cupboards, fixed recirculation fume cupboards, fixed ducted fume cupboards and even a semi-mobile ducted fume cupboard. Our extensive range offers a solution whatever your challenge and our technical sales engineers are on hand with expert advice if you need any help.

Prep Room Fume Cupboards

Looking for a school prep room fume cupboard? No problem. We have units to fit even the tightest spaces. And we’re well versed in the CLEAPSS guidance on fume cupboards for prep rooms. If you’re not sure, just ask our expert team for some support.

Fume Cupboard Safety

Clean Air’s priority is keeping staff and students safe. Our mobile and fixed fume cupboards for schools have been independently tested by CLEAPSS to ensure they are fit for purpose. Our units are type tested to meet the British Standard for fume cupboards, BS EN 14175. They offer excellent levels of containment and have an airflow control panel with both a visual and an audible low airflow alarm.

Tough and Hardwearing

Because we use quality materials for every Clean Air unit, our Education range is tough enough to withstand the punishment dished out in a lively classroom. Our school fume cupboards are fabricated from mild steel or aluminium, complete with toughened glass viewing panels and long-lasting Trespa TopLab or GRP worktops (depending on the width of the fume cabinet). Clean Air school fume cupboards are suitable for the Chemistry curriculum at GCSE and A Level.

So Much as Standard

Very few fume cupboards come with the range of features as standard that ours do. When you’re comparing quotes, make sure it’s like for like. Don’t get stung with extra costs for storage cupboards, services, airflow alarms or installation.

School Service & Maintenance Packages

Clean Air can also help you to keep your education fume cupboards safe and compliant. Each new school fume cupboard comes with a 1-year warranty. Sign up for our 5-year service plan for your new unit and we’ll give you a free, extended 5-year warranty. Peace of mind, expert servicing and your price fixed for five years – what’s not to love?

If you have any questions about our school fume cupboard range or our service and maintenance packages, just contact our friendly team.

Your engineer came out today to service the fume cupboards. I would just like to say that it was a pleasure having him on site.

He was extremely professional, not leaving anything out on his tests. He spent some time explaining to the teachers how best to use the fume cupboards.

He also went up onto the roof to check the extract units. All this is something our previous test company has failed to do in the past. I am more than happy to continue with your services in the future.”

Richard Ansell, Site Supervisor, Cambridge Academy for Science & Technology