Life-saving defibrillator installed at Farnworth factory

Clean Air, a leading manufacturer of fume cupboards for science laboratories, has installed a defibrillator at its factory. The device, often referred to as a ‘heart restarter’, is available to anybody who needs it during the company’s opening hours.

The defibrillator is situated next to the company’s reception area for quick access. Although Clean Air’s first aid team has been fully trained in its use the unit is designed to be used by anyone. It is also registered on the North West Ambulance Service database so emergency callers can be directed to its location.

Clean Air’s Managing Director, Will Perrott, purchased the unit in response to his father’s heart problems: ‘A defibrillator gives a high energy electric shock to the heart of someone who is in cardiac arrest. My dad has suffered with heart issues for several years and so I know how vital prompt medical attention is when there’s an emergency.

‘While I hope we’ll never need to use the defibrillator, by installing this crucial equipment on our premises and training our staff to use it we could save a life.’

Cllr Maureen Flitcroft agreed: ‘The installation of a public access defibrillator is commendable. Community defibrillators can potentially save lives.

‘All credit to Clean Air Limited for taking the initiative and being conscientious and caring partners in the community.’

first aid team with defibrillator

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