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Published on 10th July 2020

12 more fume cupboards for BioCity Nottingham

By Garry Butterworth

Clean Air is currently installing another 12 fume cupboards for a fast-growing company located in the BioCity Nottingham life-sciences business incubator. This brings the total number of Clean Air units there to 115.

Four years ago, the Clean Air team was tasked with creating a bespoke design to fulfil Sygnature Discovery’s requirements. The drug discovery company needed a tailored sash arrangement for its units. Clean Air’s reputation for innovative fume cupboard extract solutions made it the perfect partner.

Sygnature’s ethos is that through innovation it can increase successful drug discoveries. As its success continues it is expanding its presence at BioCity Nottingham. With each phase of expansion, more Clean Air fume cupboards have been installed. As a result, over one hundred Clean Air units are supporting Sygnature’s research.

Working with the client, the Clean Air design team created a custom split sash design. This allows colleagues to access the internal chamber independently of each other. It can also save energy – with one sash closed while the operator has the other open, less conditioned air is pulled through the unit.

Sygnature’s latest consignment of High-Performance Radius Profile fume cupboards are 2.4 metres wide. The smooth, curved inlet feature eliminates air eddies in the internal chamber. Independent testing has confirmed the highest level of containment currently claimed by any fume cupboard manufacturer. The High-Performance Radius Profile has a Robustness of Containment Protection Factor (PFR) of >4,500,000 for all widths at 0.5 m/s face velocity.

The images show the work-in-progress installation of the units.

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Garry Butterworth

About The Author

Garry Butterworth - Operations Director

Garry has a background in mechanical engineering with British Aerospace, followed by over 25 years’ experience in the commercial and education fume cupboard and extract system sector. He has been with Clean Air, a market leader in this industry, since 2002 and became Operations Director in 2014.

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