Walk-in fume cupboards

Clean Air designs and manufactures a series of standard walk-in fume cupboard ranges to keep you safe and protected. We also design custom walk-in units precisely tailored to your specific application.

A walk-in fume cupboard is appropriate for projects that utilise large equipment. It may also include a particular drainage or spillage containment feature.

Both the High Performance Radius Profile range and the cost-effective, angle sided Standard range are available as a walk-in option. Each model has its own strengths – contact our expert team of sales engineers for advice on the fume cupboard best suited to your project.

Our experience and success in bespoke design capability speaks for itself. Our specialist walk-in fume cupboards are installed in prestigious projects such as The National Graphene Institute, the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), Imperial College London and several of the Henry Royce Institute locations.

Walk-in Fume Cupboard Ranges

Clean Air’s robust, high-quality High Performance Radius Profile and Standard walk-in fume cupboard models are designed to perform.

They are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 14175 and type tested on a project specific basis for assurance of their excellent containment.

See the individual product pages for more information on the dimensions of the units. These outline the wide range of features that come as standard with a Clean Air off-the-shelf walk-in fume cupboard.

Bespoke Walk-In Fume Cupboards

Our professional 3D design teams can tailor your walk-in fume cupboard to your exact specification. We are always happy to work with you to innovate and adapt designs.

Pass-through ports, bespoke sash arrangements, relocated service outlets, internal drip cups, VAV control and fire suppression systems are just some of the extra features we can add into the units.

Our walk-ins can also be manufactured from Grade 316 Stainless Steel, with Trespa®, stainless steel, PVC or polypropylene linings.

Visit our Case Studies to learn more about the features and benefits of a Clean Air walk-in fume cupboard.

Sash Arrangements

The standard arrangement is a double sash opening. However, Clean Air has a wealth of experience in the design of bespoke sashes for specialised applications.

We regularly design three-sash systems – read our Howorth case study to find out more.

We can include motorised or counterbalanced sashes and sashes with horizontal openings for operator comfort and protection.

Our auto sash closing system can keep operators safe and reduce energy costs.

Bespoke Flooring and Sumps

Clean Air walk-in fume cupboards can be supplied with a selection of different flooring and drainage options:

  • Open to floor
  • Removeable stainless steel perforated walk-on panels with bunded sump
  • Cast epoxy resin or Trespa® TopLab®BASE bunded working level
  • Low profile ramp for easy equipment access

See our Nanoco News item for more information.

We can also engineer a ramp and storage system for the manual handling and removal of chemical waste from the fume cupboards. Visit our GEIC case study. to read more about this smart system

Working Level

The unit can be manufactured to accommodate an intermediate removable working level at heights to suit your requirements. Because this slides out when not required it adds flexibility of use to the unit.

The working level can be fabricated from stainless steel, Trespa® TopLab®BASE or cast epoxy resin.

Energy-Saving Fume Cupboard Technology

Clean Air’s walk-in designs can be supplied as Constant Air Volume (CAV), Low Volume or Variable Air Volume (VAV) units.

Our technologically advanced energy efficient system reduces the volume of air pulled through the fume cupboard. As a result the lab requires less conditioned air to replace what has been extracted.

In combination with an auto sash closure system this can significantly reduce energy costs.

Features Which Come as Standard

Clean Air fume cupboards come with a range of features as standard. Please ensure you check out what is included when you are comparing quotes.

  • Fire resistant twin skin shell in Zintec mild steel with epoxy polyester powder coated finish
  • Internal chamber constructed from materials as required
  • Electrical and mechanical services as required
  • Full access, removable service panels and upper hinged panels for periodic maintenance and inspection
  • Two independent 6 mm thick toughened glass vertical sliding sashes
  • Sash handle profile designed to improve containment within the work chamber and reduce eddies
  • Sash locking device for operator protection
  • Sprung PVC guide channels for directional stability with smooth rise and fall sash action
  • Sash counterbalance using double stainless-steel cables and ball race pulleys of fail-safe design
  • Flush membrane control panel, easy to wipe down
    • A touch button control panel for maximum control for fan switching – provides safety features at your fingertips
    • Alarms for air velocity, sash high and fan operation to ensure your cabinet is always operating to maximum protection
    • Alarm levels are reported on the display and activate a buzzer
  • Factory pre-plumbed and pre-wired for rapid on-site connection
  • 316-grade stainless steel tissue guards to prevent debris being drawn into the fan unit on the High Performance Radius Profile model

What Are The Options?

  • The potential for customising your fume cupboard is almost unlimited. In addition to the options described above, here are just some of the features we can incorporate in your walk-in unit:
    • Polyester coating in a choice of colours and finishes
    • Matching cosmetic infill panels from top of unit to ceiling to shroud the ducting
    • Optional volt-free alarm contacts for remote monitoring of fume cupboard
    • A range of mechanical, electrical and data services
    • Choice of worktop materials and lining materials
      • Trespa laminate
      • 316 grade stainless steel
      • Solid cast epoxy resin
      • PVC or Polypropylene
      • Ceramic work base
    • Vulcathene sinks and drip cups available in a wide range of sizes
    • Cast epoxy resin sinks and drip cups
    • Auto sash closing system
    • Fire suppression system
    • Integrated fume scrubbers
    • Recirculation model

Fume Cupboard Fans & Ductwork

For our walk-in fume cupboard ranges we can manufacture and install the plastic centrifugal extract fans, depending on the application and venting arrangements. Contact us for more information on this and on our corrosion-resistant ductwork.

Stay Safe – Service & Maintenance

We can provide full service and maintenance packages for our walk-in fume cupboard range.

During our fume cupboard servicing visit our highly trained, DBS-checked test engineers ensure that each fume cupboard, fume extract system and fan is completely fit for purpose and complies with BS EN 14175. Contact us for details.

Fume Cupboard Type-Testing

Clean Air has both the in-house expertise and the cutting-edge testing equipment to check the containment performance of almost any make and model of fume cupboard.

Our equipment is designed to exceed the type-testing criteria specified in BS EN 14175. This offers added assurance that our fume cupboards perform to the recommended standard.

We can also test on-site at your location.

Friendly, professional fume cupboard testing, servicing and maintenance


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