Ventilated Enclosures

With considerable expertise in ventilated enclosures, Clean Air offers a complete one-stop-solution. Our 3D CAD design professionals can create a bespoke ventilated enclosure to the most demanding of specifications. We manufacture, install and maintain to the highest standards. In addition, we can test containment in our own in-house testing facility. 

Ventilated Enclosure capability

Clean Air’s expert team will guide you to the product that best suits your requirements. Just contact us to discuss your project.

Our ventilated enclosures can be manufactured to any size to accommodate your equipment. We can design to suit the space it will be located in, the internal dimensions necessary and the extract and containment levels required. Your ventilated enclosure can consist of up to 4 sides – any or all of which may have access into the enclosure.

We can provide horizontal sliding windows for access into the enclosure, and also tailored openings such as vertical sliding windows, hinged panels, folding doors or dedicated fixed openings.

Containment experience

Clean Air has a proven track record of delivering ventilated enclosure capacity to its clients. You will find our units in facilities across the UK, including BioCity Nottingham and The Henry Royce Institute at the University of Manchester.

What is a ventilated enclosure?

Ventilated enclosures are bespoke LEV (local exhaust ventilation) units. They are typically used to enclose processing equipment that emits vapours to be contained and extracted but which do not require the containment levels of a fume cupboard.

As with fume cupboards the air is drawn into the ventilated enclosure through the available working openings. Clean Air will size the volume of air to provide a specified velocity through a given working opening. A dedicated air change rate based on the internal volume of the enclosure can also be provided.

The extract volume is based on a risk assessment. This includes the task to be undertaken and volume of contaminant or fume to be extracted.

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Ventilated enclosure for research labs
Ventilated enclosures in a laboratory
Ventilated enclosure render - ask us about our design ability
Ventilated enclosure in research lab

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