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61 Radius Profile Fume Hoods for the Henry Royce Institute

The Henry Royce Institute Hub Building at the University of Manchester is the latest Royce facility to choose Clean Air fume hoods and ventilated enclosures to power its world-leading research.

The 61 High-Performance Radius Profile fume hoods and 2 walk-in enclosures are located across five floors of the new, nine-storey, £105 million building. This brings the number of Clean Air units supplied to Royce facilities across England to over 100.

Clean Air and the Henry Royce Institute

The Henry Royce Institute is the UK’s £235 million national institute for advanced materials research and innovation. This partnership of nine UK universities and research organisations specialises in materials science research and commercialisation.

Clean Air has now supplied over 100 fume hoods and ventilated enclosures for new Royce facilities.

Clean Air, Royce at The UoM, and Containment

The Hub Building at The University of Manchester serves as the headquarters of the Henry Royce Institute for advanced materials. The building and new equipment represent an investment of £150 million by the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council.

A facility such as this demands high-quality, tough, resilient fume hoods to protect researchers and personnel.

The High-Performance Radius Profile model meets this brief perfectly.

This reliable unit has proven its worth at The University of Manchester over many years. It was also the preferred choice for new Royce facilities at the University of Sheffield and Imperial College London.

Protecting Researchers

User safety is a priority for the Henry Royce Institute. The High-Performance Radius Profile fume hoods not only provide a comfortable working experience. Independent testing has also confirmed the highest level of containment currently claimed by any fume cupboard manufacturer.

This reliable, efficient fume hood has a Robustness of Containment Protection Factor (PFR) of >4,500,000 for all widths at 0.5 m/s face velocity.

Radius Profile Fume Hoods – Applications

As the coordinating hub for the Institute, the Royce Hub Building at Manchester has several exciting research streams housed under one roof. 52 Clean Air bench-mounted fume hoods, nine walk-in units and two bespoke ventilated enclosures are at the heart of this innovation, protecting researchers.

Our High-Performance Radius Profile fume hoods will support innovation in chemistry and 2D nanotechnology characterisation and testing. In addition, they will be used for work on materials for demanding environments and 3D printing.

The units will also be used for biomaterial research into substances engineered to interact with biological systems.

Of the units supplied, six bench-mounted fume hoods and one walk-in have stainless steel chambers. These bespoke models will support studies to reduce costs and increase productivity in nuclear programmes.

The two 2.5 metre, walk-in ventilated enclosures will operate in the Digital Fabrication Centre, which specialises in innovation in 3D printing.

Safety Cabinets

Clean Air also supplied 63 lockable under bench storage solutions for the fume hoods. They included 90 minutes fire-resistant cabinets for flammables, and cabinets with metal-free interiors for the safe storage of corrosive chemicals. A further 27 stand-alone units completed the order.

Energy Efficient Technology

The Royce Hub Building has been designed with energy efficiency in mind. Throughout the facility, the latest technology is incorporated to reduce its carbon footprint.

The fume hoods also play their part in this drive for sustainability. The units have Variable Air Volume (VAV) energy-saving technology.

VAV controls reduce the volume of conditioned air pulled through the unit, therefore, energy usage in the lab is reduced. In turn, this leads to lower energy bills and reduces the facility’s carbon footprint.

VAV fume hoods can achieve energy savings of up to 70% based on design velocity and sash opening.

A Greener Supply Chain

If you want a sustainable fume cupboard supplier which is actively working to lower its carbon footprint, speak to us. Clean Air strives to reduce its environmental impact. It has set itself the challenging target of becoming carbon neutral by 2023.

The company has introduced a series of initiatives to achieve this. Among others, it has installed solar panels, is upgrading its van fleet to mild-hybrid on a rolling basis and has improved its packaging and recycling. Read our eco blogs to find out more about Clean Air’s sustainability agenda.

What our client has to say

The Henry Royce Institute works to address national materials challenges, bringing together world-recognised excellence in advanced materials from across the UK for economic benefit and societal impact. 

Here in Manchester we’re creating a cutting-edge Hub, which will support the UK academic and industrial materials community with world-class facilities and equipment to allow them to innovate and pioneer new technologies.

Clean Air has worked with us to supply fume cupboards that will protect our researchers as they develop new materials. They have designed, manufactured and commissioned bespoke solutions tailored to meet our specialised applications. Furthermore, they have worked to an evolving schedule accommodating our requirements without problems.

 Prof Philip Withers, Chief Scientist, Henry Royce Institute

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