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Published on 2nd June 2021

Giant Ventilated Enclosure for GORD in Qatar

By Will Perrott

Clean Air has designed and manufactured a giant ventilated enclosure for GORD, the Gulf Organization for Research and Development.

Ventilated Enclosure for GORD

Clean Air has designed and manufactured a giant ventilated enclosure for GORD, the Gulf Organization for Research and Development. The enormous unit, which is 3.2 m high, 2.27 m deep and 3.4 m wide, is destined for Qatar. Clean Air’s expert team has tailored the design to precisely meet the client’s specification.

Ventilated Enclosure Expertise

The Clean Air designers are not only fume cupboard and extract system specialists. They also have a successful track record in the delivery of customised ventilated enclosures for very specific applications. For example, the team has recently created substantial units for, among others, the Digital Fabrication Centre at The Henry Royce Institute Hub Building at The University of Manchester, and Exactmer, a biopolymer spinout company from Imperial College London.

Ventilated Enclosure for Qatar

GORD is a non-profit scientific research organisation that has a variety of facilities and state-of-the-art equipment under one roof. The ventilated enclosure for GORD will house a furnace and a fume scrubber. Having designed a fume cupboard solution to manage high heat loads for global company Johnson Matthey, the Clean Air team has experience managing the disruption heat can cause to airflow.

This unit’s internal dimensions have been meticulously calculated to accommodate the apparatus it will contain. In addition, it has smooth, bifold doors for easy access.

This ventilated enclosure has an air change rate of 100 ACH (Air Changes per Hour), which gives an extract volume of 0.50m³/s (1800m³/hr).

The unit has been built up at Clean Air’s factory for a full quality inspection. It will then be carefully dismantled ready for dispatch to Qatar.

GORD aims to foster innovation, advance knowledge, share experiences and build networks. This Clean Air ventilated enclosure will help its highly skilled engineers and researchers provide rapid state of the art prototypes and custom solutions.

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Clean Air also designs and manufactures ventilated enclosures on a smaller scale for labs and universities across the UK. Tell us your application and we will propose the solution. For more information about our ventilated enclosures, contact our friendly team.

Will Perrott

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