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Published on 2nd December 2020

New Fume Cupboard Vacuum Supply Solution

By Ian Heatherington

Clean Air has manufactured, designed and installed 22 unique APEX 2 fume cupboards and a linked extract system for the University of Liverpool. During the project, Clean Air had the opportunity to work in collaboration with world-leading vacuum pump manufacturers VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG.
Innovative New Vacuum Supply.

Innovative New Vacuum Supply

VACUUBRAND has designed and installed a novel vacuum supply for the university’s prestigious Regius Chair laboratory. The innovative vacuum supply concept works with the bespoke fume cupboards. It offers the scientists an equipment system that meets the highest quality standards.

In a worldwide first, the vacuum supply concept builds on VACUUBRAND VACUU∙LAN technology. In part, it utilises the new VACUU∙SELECT touchscreen vacuum controller.

3 Integrated Vacuum Networks

This innovative solution consists of three integrated vacuum networks.

The first network comprises a powerful and chemistry safe ME16C VARIO© Select diaphragm pump. This pump has enough performance to supply all 22 Clean Air fume cupboards in the lab with a rough vacuum for filtration.  Each fume cupboard is equipped with a chemistry safe VACUUBRAND VACUU∙LAN outlet with adjustable manual flow control and integrated non-return valve.

The second network, also supplying each fume cupboard, runs from chemistry safe PC3004 VARIO© Select diaphragm pumps. These pumps have 1.5 mbar ultimate vacuum, suitable for work with high boiling point solvents.  The outlets for this network operate via the intuitive touchscreen VACUU∙SELECT controllers. As a result, they provide precise, programmable vacuum.

Lastly, each fume cupboard has its own fine vacuum rotary vane pump RZ6, with a high-flow connection in each unit.  This high vacuum system is also connected to and controlled from the same VACUU∙SELECT touchscreen controller mounted on the front panel.

This vacuum supply solution works within the fume cupboards to ensure the researchers are safely provided with the ideal vacuum supply for their purposes. Altogether the unique installation offers filtration, controlled evaporation, and high vacuum distillation, including secondary drying, all covered precisely by a lab-specific VACUUBRAND solution.

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Ian Heatherington

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Ian Heatherington - Sales & Technical Director

Ian has hands on experience of assembly and installation of fume cupboards and ductwork, in addition to design, operations and sales. He leads the sales team and specialises in the technical requirements of extract systems and custom fume cupboard designs for specific applications.

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